ADC Summer 2015 Legal Fellows Program

If your firm is interested in hosting an ADC Summer 2015 Legal Fellow, please fill out this form and attach as a PDF a letter that sets forth the following:

(1) A breakdown of the principal areas of your firm’s practice (approximate percentage in each area, making sure to delineate plaintiff and defendant representation separately).

(2) Number of lawyers in your firm.

(3) What you would propose to have your fellow do during the 10 weeks that he or she would be in residence with you.

(4) Why we (and the fellow) can rely on your firm to provide ongoing supervision throughout the course of the summer that will help the fellow become a better lawyer.

(5) Anything else you want us to know about your firm and its practice.

Applications submitted after September 22nd will not be considered; ADC reserves the right to begin making selections as early as September 16th.

Please attach a single PDF only and please make sure that you have responded to all of the information requested.