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ADC supports, participates in "The Civil Rights Act at 50" at the University of Michigan Law School

Full-day conference brings together more than a dozen nationally recognized scholars to discuss legacy and future of Title VII.

Law firms selected to host ADC summer law student fellows


New ADC-sponsored fellowships for students completing their second year of law school highlight the opportunity to do public interest work in the private law firm context. Two outstanding firms to participate in first year of program.

Soft on Segregation: How the Feds Failed to Integrate Westchester County


Part 2 of ProPublica's series on "affirmatively furthering fair housing." This article focuses on the failure of the Government and the Monitor to hold Westchester to its obligations under the historic housing desegregation Consent Decree entered by U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cote in August, 2009.

Living Apart: How the Government Betrayed a Landmark Civil Rights Law


Part 1 of ProPublica's series on the Government's decades-long failure to enforce the "affirmatively furthering fair housing" mandate

Westchester Legislature Passes Loophole-Ridden Source-of-Income Protection


Measure is temporary.  County Executive went through entire 2010 legislative process without fulfilling his Settlement Order obligation to promote a permanent anti-discrimination provision.

HUD Adds State & Local LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws to its Grant Programs


For the first time HUD will require grant applicants seeking federal funding to comply with state and local anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT individuals.

Remedy in Texas Failure to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing Case


Settlement requires Texas to conduct a new Analysis of Impediments to fair housing choice, document how its and Texas municipalities' expenditures comply with theobligation to affirmatively further, and enhance segregation-reducing mobility options.

Avoiding Structural Change in Westchester: Excuse No. 27


The argument that the people who will be living in the housing constructed pursuant to the Settlement Order won't have automobiles (and thus development must be narrowly restricted to areas in walking distance of mass transportation) is simply not fact-based.

HUD Launches Online Suggestion Box for First LGBT Housing Discrimination Study


After holding town hall meetings in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York, HUD asks people across the county to speak out about LGBT housing discrimination.

Enforcing Civil Rights in School


The Department of Education announces intention to intensify civil rights enforcement in U.S. schools, attempting to close racial and ethnic disparities in programs and college preparation.

FBI Solves Civil Rights-Era Killings, But Few Indictments Will Result


Three years after the FBI pledged to investigate more than 100 unsolved civil rights killings, the agency is ready to close all but a handful.

$2 Million Settlement in Kansas City Racial Harassment Case


Fair housing case involved display of racially hostile materials by employee of one of the largest owners and operators of multifamily dwellings.

New York Times: It is past time for Westchester's leaders to do what they've promised


"When one thinks about segregation," Times editorial writes, "Westchester isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But the poor and minority residents desperately looking for an affordable place to live know the bitter truth. It is past time for Westchester’s leaders to do what they’ve promised."

Westchester Journal News Challenges County Non-Compliance


Editorial notes that home rule doesn't mean absolute rule, not where fair housing choice is concerned.

Westchester Legislators Still Looking to Undercut Settlement Order


A delegation from the Westchester County Board of Legislators met with the court-appointed Monitor on November 25th.  Despite the fact that members of the group pushed for at least one fundamental segregation-perpetuating change to the Settlement Order, the Monitor praised what he called the delegation's "continued commitment to this process."  The exchange highlights a troubling dynamic that has apparently taken hold.

What Will HUD Do?


County Legislature Gives Final Approvals to Westchester Desegregation Agreement, But Major Compliance Issues Loom from the Outset

How many units? Does "shall" have flexibility?


As with everything else, the answers are plain if one examines the Settlement Order.  Most concerns are not really about "vagueness," but about the fact that the Settlement Order is written to be enforceable.

Shocking Secret of Westchester Settlement Order Revealed!!!


Find out how many housing units that the Settlement Order reserves for African-Americans.

NY State Senate Housing Chair Derails Tenant Protection Measures


Pedro Espada continues to stall most legislation designed to provide new life to the rent-regulation system that the Pataki administration tried to kill.

Putting Recent HUD Actions Regarding Westchester In Context


It is Westchester, not HUD, that is responsible for the consequences of the County's failure to meet basic fair housing planning and performance requirements.  Read the Center's statement. 

More Bad News for Affordable Housing in New York City

Housing and Vacancy Survey shows continuing trend of loss of affordable units; increase in units vulnerable to de-regulation

Federal Judge Vindicates Strict Liability Provision of City Human Rights Law


A federal District Court Judge has ruled that the language of the New York City Human Rights Law is to be respected, and therefore employers are, as the law provides, strictly liability for discriminatory harassment that is engaged in by supervisory or managerial personnel.

Unemployment Skyrockets in New York

The latest data from the State Department of Labor brought bleak news for both New York City and the State as a whole.

NYC Schools Agree to End Gender Bias in Sports Scheduling

Longstanding practice of forcing girls to play soccer out-of-season to be corrected.

Obama Inauguration Address

Full text of President Obama's speech.