ADC's latest letters on Westchester

Westchester Case

June 14, 2013 — Nearly four years after the entry of the Consent Decree, the U.S. Attorney, HUD, and the Monitor need to stop pretending that progress has been made and concentrate on holding Westchester accountable for all of its Consent Decree violations.

The letters that we dispatched earlier this week provide the evidence that Westchester has failed both in meeting its unit-specific obligations and in meeting its other obligations under the text of the Consent Decree.

A consent decree is a court order. When one compares its actual text with Westchester’s conduct, it becomes unmistakeable that Westchester has not been the victim of overreaching by the federal government or by the Monitor, but rather has been the beneficiary of the failure on the part of the U.S. Attorney, HUD, and the Monitor to enforce the Decree.

Consent Decree 101: This court order contains both analysis requirements and action requirements. Too much attention has been paid to the analysis requirements, and not enough to the action requirements.