Apply to Host an ADC Law Student Fellow Next Summer


August 25, 2014 — In Summer 2015, ADC will be providing support for three law students who will have completed their second year at Columbia Law School to work at New York based private law firms that have employment and/or housing discrimination as a material part of their practice. These summer fellowships will be 10-week stints and will pay the student a stipend of $9,000.

This is the second year of the program. Hosting firms in Summer 2014 have been Cuti Hecker Wang and Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard. ADC will choose the firms and then the students will apply directly to the firms that have been selected.

ADC will take applications from firms seeking to participate through September 22nd. Please follow the link in the right sidebar to apply.

Selected firms will make a presentation at a brown bag lunch hosted by the law school’s Social Justice Initiatives program on October 7th. Applications from students to firms will be due on October 28th. Each participating firm will review applications and conduct interviews in time to permit an offer letter to be transmitted on November 18th. A student who receives an offer will have a week (until November 25th) to respond to the offer.