Monitor Rejects Westchester's Jan. 2010 Submission in Filing to Federal Court

Westchester Case

Hard on the heels of ADC’s Prescription for Failure report, the federal Monitor appointed to oversee compliance with the Settlement Order has rejected what Westchester had described as an “implementation plan.”  In February, 2010, the Monitor found a “lack of specificity with respect to accountability, timeframes and processes,”and further found that the County’s submission lacked “any concrete short-medium- or long-term strategies” for how the County plans to develop the affordablehousing required by the Settlement Order to foster desegregation inWestchester.  Noting the Settlement Order’s requirement that the County use all means, including legal action, to overcome municipal resistance to the goals of the Settlement Order, the Monitorspecified that a revised plan “should include a clear strategy for how the County will employ carrots and sticks to encourage compliance bymunicipal governments” (emphasis added).