Plaintiffs move for summary judgment against City in outsider-restriction case

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March 9, 2020 — The plaintiffs in the fair housing case challenging New York City’s outsider-restriction policy in its affordable housing lotteries have moved for partial summary judgment.  They seek determinations from the Court that, as a matter of law: (a) the policy creates disparate impacts on the basis of race; (b) the policy perpetuates segregation (permits less integration than would be the case with an equal-access lottery system); and (c) the City’s various justifications fail.

Page through to see some key charts and tables:

Page 2 - Policy’s disparate impact for entrants in lotteries in majority-White community districts.

Page 3 - Policy’s disparate impacts on awards is confirmed by defendant’s simulation.

Page 4 - Policy’s perpetuation of segregation (restriction of integrative moves) is confirmed by defendant’s data.

Page 5 - More than 85 percent of unique lottery applicants — for every racial group — apply for housing outside of their community district at least 75 percent of the time.

Page 6 - Rent-burden and severe rent-burden is equivalent between the small number of insiders who benefit from the policy and the large number of outsiders who are hurt by the policy.  Many more outsiders are rent-burdened and severely rent-burdened.

Page 7 - The City’s separate-but-equal defense.

Full copies of the relevant papers that plaintiffs filed can be found at the bottom of the page.  We suggest that you download them as PDFs; they’ll be easier to read, and the ones with exhibits have bookmarks to help you locate the materials you need to see.

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