Why is everyone playing the "counting" game?

Westchester Case

A minimum of 630 units are supposed to be developed in the whitest municipalities.  And the housing is supposed to be developed on the census blocks with the lowest percentages of African-Americans and Latinos.  Not blocks where no one is living, or at least no one outside of those in a psychiatric and substance abuse facility. ADC certainly doesn’t think a “we’ll build it as long as we don’t bother any white people” approach is Consent Decree compliant.

And conversion of existing non-affordable units to long-term affordable status is supposed to be the exception to the rule of new construction.  Just like housing for seniors is supposed to be an exception to the rule.

 So how far has the County gotten with the development of units that represent:

  • new construction
  • of individual apartments or homes (not SROs)
  • for families;
  • not originally designed for seniors only;
  • in the whitest municipalities; and
  • on the least African-American and Latino populated census blocks.

ADC estimate: pretty darn close to zero.

Monitor estimate?  Unknown, because his report doesn’t bother to inform the Court of this number and its significance in terms of the County’s clear effort to minimize structural (zoning) changes that would leverage the impact of each new unit.